Welcome back, Sailfish! Whether you graduated with PBA's first class of 1972 or recently with the class of 2023, your alma mater welcomes you back!

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The Palm Beach Atlantic University Alumni Association seeks to be a respected and leading organization whose members are engaged in the lives of students, alumni and PBA by giving of their Time, Expertise and Gifts, engaged in the leadership of their community, church and workplace.

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The Awards Program is designed to recognize professional achievement and/or distinguished service to PBA and the community such as:

  • Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
  • Young Alumni Award
  • Alumni Service Award
  • 50 Notable Alumni

Alumni Stories

Bailey Hughes '13

When I first stepped foot on PBA's campus, I fell in love with it for a multitude of reasons. I felt like this campus was a place where I could sow new seeds and create new roots. It was an incredible experience from the beginning to end.

Emmanuel L. McNeely '12

I believe Christian higher education is so important because it gives you a why for everything that you do. I had professors at PBA who spent time with us, praying before exams. I could reach out to those professors and they would reach back out to me in support.

Carter Viss '17

There are so many great opportunities here to grow in your faith as well as pursue a professional career. Going through what I have in my life, I couldn't have done it without the knowledge and experiences that I had at PBA.

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